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Al Franken Asked If He’s Part Of The ‘War On Women’, His Response Says It All

Among the sexual accused politicians and celebrities was Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

His political career was looking good until two women came forward and gave their stories.

His actions were little odd especially because he belongs to a party that believes in “war on women.”

Regarding the sexual accusations against him, the first woman who came forward explained that he assaulted her by trying to kiss her back in 2016. After her, another one followed and accused him that he groped her from behind while taking a photo. However, there were two other women who explained that he did the same to them back in 2007 and 2008.

Recently, when he returned to Washington, D.C., Franken was asked by reporters if he believes that he is part of the “war on women.” However, he responded cowardly by running away and saying: “We’re not taking hallway questions.”

Also, Minnesota residents don’t think highly of him. His ratings have dropped significantly and the citizens believe that he should resign.

There was even a survey to collect the opinion of the citizens. Apparently, out of the 600 people who entered the survey, only 22 percent favored him to keep his position. 33 percent of them believed that he should resign and 36 percent think that the results of the investigation are important and that he should wait for the end of it.

Carleton College Political Scientist Steven Schier stated: “To me, the striking findings in this poll are first, that only 22 percent are behind Al Franken staying in office.”

It is strange that he still has his job. Well, of course, he is a Democrat and he will be defended. They will close their eyes on things like this. But you can see what happened to Roy Moore, being constantly attacked without any evidence.

However, there are photos of him which is a bulletproof evidence. Actions like this are unacceptable.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Allen B. West.



  1. Jane Preston

    December 2, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    I always though Al Franken was Gay? AC/DC – AM/FM? BI?

  2. chuck lanning

    December 2, 2017 at 9:32 pm


  3. Anne Braun

    December 2, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    Sick of this ugly slime ball. Whatever he is, or isn’t, he’s still a freak, can’t imagine how he ever got elected in the first place. Wish he would just go away. G.O. A.W.A.Y.!

  4. William

    December 2, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    He is a CLOWN, and so is CHUCKIE!

  5. Vicki

    December 2, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    did any of you see the picture of him grabbing Joy Buar from the View, she looked like she was enjoying it, and this was in public, think she as sick as he is! maybe she should be fired from the View like Matt was fired from the Today Show. Just two sick peas in a pod.

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Meghan McCain WIPES THE FLOOR With Anti-Trump Author Michael Wolff: ‘YOU ARE A…

Meghan McCain is the newest co-host of “the View.”

And he just wiped the floor with author Michael Wolff.

This is huge.

Wolff promoted his new book Fire & Fury, which includes many controversial and salacious claims about President Donald Trump and his administration. The book, which was released earlier than the scheduled publication date, contains countless stories of dysfunction within the Trump Administration over the last year. Most of them reflect poorly on President Trump and those surrounding him.

“You know, Michael, your credibility is being questioned. Trump says the book is full of lies-” McCain said, before Wolff interrupted to ask who exactly was questioning his credibility.

 “Let me finish. New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, New York Times’ John Martin, David Brooks, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Tony Blair, Tom Barrack, Kate Walsh, Anna Wintour all denying quotes. . . . There are a lot of factual errors in here . . . How can I trust some of these quotes when, again . . . all these people are denying these quotes and stories attributed to them?” McCain fired back.

According to our source, Red Nation Now, Wolff admitted that he had quoted material from an off-the-record dinner he hosted at his home with Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon. “This is why people hate journalists, by the way. It’s why I don’t believe in the concept of ‘off the record,’ this right here.”

He also admitted that he mixed up the names of the Berman brothers in his book, but he never addressed the other errors McCain mentioned, or the fact that a laundry list of prominent individuals are denying having made the comments Wolff ascribes to them. While many people seem to believe the claims that are written in “Fire & Fury,” McCain’s decision to pressure Wolff for some of his mistakes revealed the author’s unwillingness or inability to account on them.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Red Nation Now.

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People FREAK As Snoop Dogg’s Bodyguard Drops BOMB About Parkland, FL, School Shooting

People are starting to freak out over what Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard said about the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

This has been another one of the deadliest mass shootings this year.

The people are scared for their children’s safety and require for the schools to be safer.

As the liberals yell for more gun control after the 19-year old Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people and wounded more than 20 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. What Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard and pro-wrestler George Murdoch a.k.a Tyrus thinks is that, our schools need to be secured by veterans.

According to our source, Mad World News, Tyrus appeared on Fox News’ Gutfeld, and he stated that each school in the United States needs a TSA of sorts. There should be one point of entry and exit for each school and that armed military veteran could be employed to screen people as they access the school’s campus.

“This is coming from a place of being executive security, and for a short stint, I was a teacher. First of all, if we outlawed guns tomorrow, no more guns in this country, all you would do would be opening the business market for the black market, just like we said no drugs,” Tyrus said.

 “Drugs still get pushed in this country, and then, we have no idea what was out there. So that’s just not who we are. We have freedom of speech, and we’re going to have guns. That’s what our country is built on. But, when 9/11 happened, the planes hit the towers, airports were changed forever. We got the TSA,” he continued.

“Our children are getting hit. It’s time to change the schools forever, and there is a population out there, and I checked, they didn’t have the new stats out, but last year’s stats were 4.3 percent unemployment for returning veterans in this country. That’s 435,000 trained men who have eyes and ears,” Tyrus pointed out.

“We need to have them at the schools. TSA needs to be at the schools. One way in, one way out. You have dogs. There’s not one person in this building who wouldn’t say up my taxes $25 dollars, whatever it needs to be. A trillion dollars. It’s a business. I would even take money from other things. We need to get with it. Now it’s guys with guns.”

“Ten years from now, it’s going to be guys with a drone. It’s going to be guys with a remote control rover, and who’s better? When I’m at the airport and I see a guy with an M-16 and a German Shepherd dog, walking by smelling stuff, I’m not worried about nothing, and I would like my children to be the same way,” Tyrus added. “We protect our airports… let’s protect our children.”

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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Florida JROTC Cadet: If Coach Feis Had His Firearm, He Could’ve…

Florida is going through tough time since 17 people were killed in another mass shooting.

We need to take action and prevent events like this one from happening in the future.

In the wake of the tragic shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Junior ROTC student is advocating for gun control and bringing guns to campus.

During the shooting, Colton Haab and the fellow cadet Zackary Walls, herded kids into safety in the classroom and covered them with curtains, which were made from bullet resistant material Kevlar. He also said that he devised a plan if the shooter entered the room, he would use a fire extinguisher and two 2×4 pieces of wood as a weapon.

“I was along the wall next to the door. So if that door had opened, my plan was to strike the individual,” he explained. “Another friend of mine … I gave him a fire extinguisher and said, ‘Spray that door. Just try to get as much as that fire extinguisher out,’ just so it kind of disorients the shooter.”

According to our source, IJR, students have come out to show their support for more gun control. Colton said that there is a solution to keep kids safe until America adopts a better legislation.

“I don’t think that we’re gonna get gun control in such a quick enough response. I do believe that if we brought firearms on campus — to teachers that are willing to carry their firearm on campus — if they got the correct training for it, I think that would be a big beneficial factor into school safety.”

The assistant football coach Aaron Feis did not bring his firearm that day, which, according to Colton, would have stopped the tragedy. Aaron used his own body as a human shield to save the students. He was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: IJR.

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HAH! Watch What Happens When Diamond & Silk Go on ‘The View’

Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson appeared on “The View.”

Known by their stage name “Diamond and Silk,” they discussed the DACA issue.

And they had some wise words to say.

The discussion is centering on the DACA issue when Whoopi Goldberg said, “Let’s get the guy who’s supposed to do the job to decide what’s going to happen, but he has no balls.” Then, Diamond said, “At least he’s the only one who had the balls to want to build a wall.” The other women were all bringing up Obama. When Whoopi said that she is tired of President Donald Trump always blaming Barack Obama for anything and everything, Diamond responded, “Don’t blame Obama? Obama is the one who created all of this mess!”

According to our source, Red Nation Now, the best moment during this interview was when Joy Behar said, “If you want my opinion…” both Diamond and Silk said to her, “Shut up Joy!” Diamond also said, “You want President Trump to keep Obama’s name out of his mouth, then maybe Obama should keep his mouth out of the limelight.”

Diamond and Silk are biological sisters from North Carolina and they are voicing their opinions about media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that they feel the Americans are tired of being subjected to. They also have a YouTube channel, “The Viewers View,” where they share their view of modern day topics appearing everywhere and across the world, using a common sense approach without the use of political correctness so prevalent in modern day media.

They speak their mind, without sound bites, and right from the heart, because to do anything less would not be fair towards the supporters with whom their message resonates.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Red Nation Now.

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Limbaugh Bravely Exposes Obama’s ‘Shadow Government’, Mainstream Media Is Furious

Rush Limbaugh exposed Barack Obama’s ‘shadow government’

The purpose of this ‘shadow government’ is to work against President Donald Trump and undermine him.

But that’s not going to happen.

According to our source, Conservative 101, in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, Rush said that there is no evidence that the Russian Federation had any effect on the 2016 presidential election and it would be preposterous to believe so. He believed that, if Russia interfered with the United States’ presidential election, President Trump would not have lost the popular vote over Hillary Clinton.

“You say that what’s happening to Donald Trump right now is that the left-wing courts, the left-wing media, the left-wing bureaucracy are trying to, in your words, sabotage his presidency. Sabotage?” Wallace asked.

“Well, actually, I do. And I — it’s driven by two things, actually. The first thing that’s going on, Chris, in my view, it is preposterous to believe that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of voting in this country. It’s absurd. There is no evidence. Zilch, zero, nada,” Rush replied.

“The New York Times has run two stories that are basically propaganda on this — one in October, and one this past week. And both stories clearly say: no evidence. Nobody they’ve talked to has any evidence whatsoever to suggest it.”

“The second thing I think that’s important for people to remember — people that voted for Donald Trump, people who support Donald Trump really, really believe that they were going to lose the country if Hillary Clinton won. This is not an idle thought. It’s not an exaggeration.”

“They really believe that the country is founded was up for grabs. It was over if Hillary won — if the Democrats had another four or eight years to do what they do with the judiciary and so forth.”

“So, those two things — and I think that if you try to understand both of those — not to you personally — but the people have a much greater ability to understand Trump and his supporters if you can intellectually accept those two premises.”

Wallace continued, “You also use a phrase which I have to say that I only heard for the first time in the last couple of weeks, “the deep state”. And that’s the notion that there’s an Obama shadow government embedded in the bureaucracy that is working against this new president. I think that some folks are going to think that’s right on and some folks will think it’s awfully conspiratorial. ”

“Well, I would love to claim credit for that, but actually, I think a reporter by the name of Glenn Greenwald at “The Intercept” who has got a relationship with — what’s his name? Assange. I think he actually coined the term. And I think it works. ”

“I don’t think — who is driving this business that the Russians hacked the election? It’s the Democrat Party. It’s Hillary. It’s Obama.”

“They’re trying — look, if they can’t win at the ballot box — you know they are down 1,200 seats since 2010. They’ve come a marginal party electorally. All they’ve got is their embeds in the bureaucracy and the judiciary, and they are pulling out all the stops. There’s no question.

“This business that the Russians hacked the elections, this is serious, serious allegation that is impossible. The Russians could not have had any impact whatsoever on voting. Either how they were cast or how they were counted. ”

Limbaugh continued, “In fact, if you want to say that they did, they did their job, Hillary won the popular vote. How could they have possibly had any — this whole premise, and it’s been driving news coverage here ever since Trump took office and even before. And there’s — you don’t need any more evidence than that to suggest and to know that the left, which is run by Obama and Hillary and the hierarchy of the Democrat Party is doing everything they can to undermine, sabotage, and to prevent Trump from implementing his agenda. There’s no question about it.”

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

H/T: Conservative 101.

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