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Facebook’s Top Lawyer Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Senate Floor On Robert Mueller

The liberal media is well known for their false accusations against President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for them, their lies are finally coming out on the surface.

Recently, Colin Stretch came forward with another information.

According to Liberty Writers, Colin Stretch is the Facebook’s top lawyer, which under oath spoke to the Senate Intelligence Committee and explained that the total amount of Russian ads were approximate .004% of Facebook’s newsfeed. Approximately, that is one out of 23,000 pieces of content that show up in the news feed.

This explains that the accusation from the mainstream media that through Facebook, Russia tried to get Trump win the election is false.

These actions show how desperate the Democrats actually are. Building false narratives to make President Trump look bad shows how low they can go.

Also, it was revealed that the failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tried to accuse Trump of working with Russia in order to win the election. The former Secretary of State, together with the Democratic National Committee funded the creation of the fake dossier that gave that information.

There have been numerous attempts that the Democrats tried to ruin the reputation that President Trump has earned for himself. Fortunately, they still haven’t seen much success in that, mainly because they lean on false narratives instead of valid evidence.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Liberty Writers.



  1. Jeanne Lunkowski

    November 2, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    They are too stupid and hell bent on destroying that they cannot control their poison. They are the gift that keeps on giving…..No fakes, genuine idiots.

  2. Marge Baird

    November 2, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    “You can’t make a silk purse out of a souse’s ear”. . . she was finished before the election started – too many of us remember how corruptible she and her husband are – I wouldn’t vote for her for latrine orderly . . . .

  3. Stella Honeycutt

    November 2, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Give up Mueller and get off of our president. He is A.O.K.

  4. GLOCK 20

    November 2, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    It’s so great to see the east and west coast cesspool swamps starting to drain. Looking forward to seeing who will be thrown under the bus next in Hollywood and D.C.

  5. William

    November 2, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Three great comments above 🙂

  6. Tracy Pecora

    November 2, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Someone needs to investigate Mueller in his part of the uranium deal. He played a big part in all this shit he took it over to Russia on a charter plane. I’m so sick of hearing what Mueller is coming up with and it has nothing to do with our Beloved President, it was all done in the Obama’s term snake after snake after snake. We need people who were not involved with all these scams every single one of these Democrats, liberals and lobbyists were in this to bring the country down and take over the American people. All of the BARSTEDES!

  7. William Fosgreen

    November 2, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Hillary Clinton’s actions while in the State Department and years on the National stage showed her to many times not to be truthful is why, she isn’t President today. It has nothing to do with Trump what so ever.The people are tired of the establishments picking leaders to run our Government when it isn’t their job to do so by WE THE PEOPLE pick our Presidents not them.

    • TJ

      November 2, 2017 at 9:11 pm

      Awesomely said:)

  8. Clay Bartley

    November 2, 2017 at 6:57 pm


    • Shirley McVey

      November 2, 2017 at 7:39 pm

      Wow , i really don’t need to say anything ,you guy’s said it all for me , thank you all so much , so proud of our President Trump , take oyr advice Mueller and back off of our president, NOW !!!!

  9. Dave

    November 2, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    My answer for all of these charges is that they pale to the course of the Obama/Hillary tag team of an even more sinister plan to have the entire USA overtaken by the cultist payers who most support them, much of which goes to the DNC, Clinton Foundation and to the DFS, the Deep State Fund and NON of which ends up in the US Treasury. Please read and listen to the following:

    We are under threat of losing our nations as we know them, without question. There are traitors in the highest places, political, deep-state, religious and self-appointed sulfates, supporters, and the uneducated who simply do not understand the gravity of this threat are taken advantage of by propaganda, lies, and deceits.

    We make our changes at the voting booths of North America, the town, country, provincial, state and all leadership. The New World Order is a croc to allow intolerance of a culture we have little use for, at the demise of one lived and gleaned from through hard work and high ethics. Both cultures ascribe to a set of morals and lifestyles, one high on equality, the other NOT. The one allowing freedom to worship the religion of choice or to chose none, the other an ideological political system, disguised as a religion.

    One of the best most watched videos in North America.
    You will hear and better understand the nature of the
    enemy within….


    The next question you need ask is how and why you yourself should participate by active involvement in media, supporting our law enforcement and when you see something suspicious, say something.

    Among our biggest threats is our willingness at co-operation with such changes a ‘Political Correctness’, one of the prime most weapons of destruction to our own free speech ever implemented in our society.

    In the past North America has eliminated at least one specific word from our speech and that word was ‘negro’. There now is also another word that must be treated in this same manner, one highlighted in CANADA in the move towards law in Bill M-103. That put down of all discussion about Islam in a negative light. That destructive to our freedom of speech and meant ONLY TO APPLY to non-Muslims is both insulting to our society and that is “Islamophobia’. Actually, to we must ban the term used more by Muslims themselves to demean us and that is ‘infidel’.

    Words and terms such as these do nothing more than to drive home what is seen repeatedly as a statement of ‘inequality’, based on Muslim prejudices against all others. This shows racism, bigotry, discrimination, bias, and arrogance not permitted in our own Constitutions.

    Thus, how did these become so common when 20 years ago or more these words were not even invented. Even the UN, banters them around like some sort of flypaper hoping they stick.

    Time to lash out, fight back or simply rollover. I am not the rollover type. Are You?

    Again, please watch and listen, then share with everybody you know. WE ARE AT WAR WITH NATIONS AND PRINCIPALITIES within and out, right now. Gee, did we read that somewhere?(nations and principalities?).

  10. edward horn

    November 2, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    The the Democrats are to dumb THe Clintons should be Arrested and given a trail on any charges the Government can legally come up with along with the D.N. c.

  11. James

    November 3, 2017 at 5:16 am

    They keep “revealing” all this crap but NOTHING gets done about it, and NOBODY gets arrested.

  12. Cynthia

    November 15, 2017 at 12:14 am

    The problem with Mueller is he is basing his investigation into President Trump’s collusion when he should be focusing on Hillarious Clinton’s collusion. There is more than enough evidence out there to prosecute her for the crimes she commited while in office but no his focus is on President Trump and Hillarious Clinton started her collusion when she was in office working with O’bammy. Can anyone please tell me why 20% of our Uranium was sold to Russia. Is Mueller so blind or so Democrap that he can’t see who the criminal really is?

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Mad Maxine’s Scared, Goes Into Hiding After ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ At Her Town Hall Event

The seventy-nine year old California Congresswoman Maxine Waters was back in Los Angeles to hold a town hall event as she launches her 2018 re-election campaign.

But things didn’t go as planned.

She was so scared, she had to go into hiding.

While she was in Los Angeles during the weekend to launch her campaign, she didn’t want to alert the media. She sneaked her way into Los Angeles, hoping to fly under the radar. Going totally silent on all her social media accounts, it’s like she went into hiding as she landed at LAX International airport. She visited her Hancock Park neighborhood undetected, with her trusted staffers.

According to our source, Mad World News, the last time she attempted to have a town hall in her own district, it was overrun by President Donald Trump supporters and that seems to be the reason why she was hiding. The protesters got very incensed as they heard Maxine talking about “Trump colluding with Putin.” And when she was unable to stop the protesters and could no longer continue her talk, she started yelling “Stop the disruption! Stop It! You will not disrupt my town hall!”

The Trump supporters acted like real patriots. They were exercising their First Amendment rights, and unlike those who Waters praises, such as the liberals in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, these Americans were telling the truth. That was the last time Maxine attempted a town hall in District 43. This time, she took every precaution to make sure only her trusted supporters were notified to attend a “fake” town hall meeting.

Being in your own town and holding a campaign and a “fake” town hall event while hiding seems like things are going downhill for you Maxine. But you can’t hide forever.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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ABC Reporter Calls Trump’s Doctor A Liar To His Face, Gets Shut Down With 3 Brutal Words

The liberals don’t seem to care who they insult as long as bashing President Donald Trump is included.

One reporter from ABC News just demonstrated that as he called the White House physician a liar.

But the doctor shut him down with just three words.

Most of the people learn from their mistakes, but it seems like the liberals don’t. Every time another one of their “fake news” attempts to hurt President Donald Trump and ruin his reputation blows up in their face, they move on to the next thing that they come up with to aim at him again.

According to our source, Mad World News, first, the left started attacking President Donald Trump with the “Russian collusion,” and then moved on to calling him racist for saying that everyone involved in the tragic incident that unfolded at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer was at fault. There are countless other reasons the left used to attack President Donald Trump, and each one was even more far-reaching than the last.

The ABC’s White House correspondent Johnathan Karl decided to attack President Donald Trump over his physical features. He went so far and called up on the White House physician Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the man who evaluated Donald Trump and released his findings to the public, saying that he was a liar.

“It’s called genetics,” Rear Admiral Jackson replied. “Some people have just great genes. I told the president that if he had a healthier diet, he might live to be 200 years old,” he continued before reiterating again, “He has incredible genes,” and added that “it’s just the way God made him.” If Johnathan continued, he would only be destroyed more.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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WATCH: Sarah Sanders Leaves NBC HUMILIATED When Asked If Trump’s Racist! WHO’S RACIST NOW?!?!

The mainstream media keeps spreading fake accusations and rumors that President Donald Trump is a racist.

This has given Trump supporters an indication of how desperate the left has become to take him out from the office.

But Sarah Sanders has finally had enough and has shut these rumors down.

Sen. Dick Durbin is apparently upset that his unrealistic immigration proposal was immediately rejected by President Donald Trump and he accused him of making an inflammatory remark towards Haiti, destroying any attempt at reaching a deal regarding DACA. The unfounded allegations by Durbin immediately went viral with every news organization reporting on the incident and latching on Durbin’s accusations that President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and three other world nations as “s**thole countries.”

According to our source, Every Day Conservative, the hysteria that followed is no doubt indicative of a society in disarray and the mainstream media’s intent on pushing their narrative that President Donald Trump is a racist, regardless of the fact that five other individuals dispute Durbin’s allegations.

On Tuesday, the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked again if President Donald Trump was a racist and her response destroyed the liberal mainstream media.

“Look, I think that it is an outrageous claim, and frankly, I think if the critics of the president were who he said he was, why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV? Why did Chuck Schumer and all his colleagues come and beg Donald Trump for money?

Sanders continued; “If they are who they try to portray him as, why did they want to be with him for years and years in various activities, whether it was events and fundraisers and other things. I think it’s just an outrageous and ludicrous excuse, and they need to get on board and start actually doing what they were elected to do.”

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Every Day Conservative.

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Rock Legends KISS Bring American Flag on Stage, Stun Crowd With a Move Everyone Should See

Everyone needs to be aware of one of the most famous rock bands ever, KISS.

They had a show in Worcester, Massachusetts.

And the show was incredibly patriotic.

In the middle of the show, they stopped and managed to do an excellent service to the American people. They managed to show some serious respect to our veterans by donating $150.000 to a key charity for veterans called Hiring Our Heroes. Then, they showed their disapproval for Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the National Anthem and ended the show in the most patriotic way possible.

According to our source, Conservative Fighters, the guitarist and singer for Kiss, Paul Stanley, grabbed the mic and explained that the freedom we experience every day comes at a great cost. Then he went on and talked about our veterans and the military.

“They go overseas. They protect us. They stand up for us….When they come back, some of them need medical help, some of them need financial help….They don’t get what they’ve got coming from their country, so we try to be sure that they get it from us,” he said to an appreciative crowd.

Then he went on and delivered a powerful message about patriotism and how important it is for the country.

“I want to tell you something,” Stanley started. “You should remember patriotism is always cool. Loving your country is always cool. Standing up, respecting and honoring our military is always cool.”

Then he asked the audience to stand up and put their right hand over their hearts. After everyone stood up, KISS started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they played the National Anthem while fireworks went on in the background and an American flag covered the whole black screen behind the band.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Conservative Fighters.

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Obama Supporter Gives Cop Attitude, Gets EXACTLY What She Deserves [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that former President Barack Obama hated our country and divided our nation.

His fans are being disrespectful towards the people they see on a daily basis and that’s what he always wanted.

But after a fan of him tried to be disrespectful and tried to give an attitude to a police officer, she got her dose of reality.

Recently, a video came out where University of Central Florida police officer Timothy Isaac pulled over student Victoria King for a routine stop, at which point she became belligerent. King was apparently driving her mother’s car and she told Isaac that she did not have the vehicle registration. Unfortunatelly the video was deleted from our YouTube channel after we published it to the public.

According to our source, Conservative Fighters, when Isaac returned to the car to give her a ticket, he asked her politely to roll down the window, but she refused repeatedly and he was forced to ask her to step out from the vehicle. After that, King replied that thanks to Barack Obama, she doesn’t have to do what a cop says, so she began to roll up her window. But without missing a beat, Isaac then reached in and shattered the window. After that, he pulled Victoria King out of the vehicle and arrested her.

“I forcefully pulled my arm back and broke the window due to the defendant’s blatant disregard to all of the orders that were given to her, and her attempt to close the window on my arm,” Isaac wrote in an arrest affidavit.

The officer charged King with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer, one count of resisting with violence and a second count for resisting without violence. And of course, she has filed a complaint against the police officer.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Conservative Fighters.

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