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Jake Tapper Blasts Trump’s Comments On Charlottesville

The Charlottesville demonstrations weren’t something we should forget, but maybe we don’t have to talk about it 24/7.

The mainstream media can’t stop it, as they keep writing some titles against conservatives that will bring more readers.

President Trump is the main target, and that was the case with CNN on Tapper’s last show.

The scary, monstrous protest mostly led by White Supremacist was something nobody could’ve looked forward. Trump and his administration gave multiple statements, and all of them came across criticism. As The Blaze reported, Donald’s third statement was slammed by Jake Tapper in his opening monologue.

He found it disturbing that our President hinted at a comparison of two extremist parties, explaining it like this:

“The president of the United States of America, they’re saying that the press has treated unfairly those people who marched alongside neo-Nazis and white nationalists and the Klan.”

He went on to show a clip from the rally, and was looking for ‘very fine people’ that marched on the streets. He claimed he couldn’t find none, but how can he prove it wasn’t tampered so only that part of the video shows? It’s not like he showed the full couple of hours of demonstrations.

Here is how he came to a conclusion:

“I’m still not very certain where these ‘very fine people’ the media has been unfair to be. The march was billed from the beginning as a rally for racists. Here’s the organizer of the march before it happened.”

They went on to show the organizer Jason Kessler on a video snippet:

“We’re trying to do a pro-white demonstration. So we’re trying to make it OK so folks can stand up for white people.”

Jake Tapper then tried to make his case by showing how other people commented on Trump’s statements, but only chose to show the ones that speak badly. He said only racists applauded his remarks, as the white supremacist and members of the Klan. Here is another preview of his rant:

“Now, we have freedoms in this country, so the Klansmen and Nazis, they can think their ugly thoughts and spew their hideous words, and they have the right to peacefully assemble.”

He continued to denounce the statement – “But to act as if these defeated, intellectually destitute and pathetic ideologies and people have any moral standing as they rally to intimidate and vomit forth their treasonous filth, it’s not only immoral, it’s unpatriotic, it’s un-American.”

Congratulations Tapper, you officially don’t know what you’re talking about. Mixing talks about world wars and allies, how someone tried to conquer the world with Trump’s effort of calming the tensions between the  races.

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Featured Image Source. H/T The Blaze.



  1. Pendit 1

    August 17, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Recommendation for Jake Tapper’s comments: ALWAYS CONSIDER THE SOURCE, and of course Mr. Tapper’s ‘not so hidden’ AGENDA.

  2. Annie Byerly Chancler

    August 17, 2017 at 5:14 pm


  3. phyllis grimaldi

    August 17, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    Our president knows that white people have been oppresssed by the libs..BMW constant threats and intimidations.8 yrs! We were told what to say and what to think..brainwashed. All this anger is finally coming out and all the frustration is now loose. How much do you think we have to swallow and it will be all right. I think you dopes have poked the eagle one time too many and now you can pay. We are not ashamed of being white..cant be. If the dark libs cant stand themselves that is their problem. I blame this all on Obama, Clinton and Soros..they have pushed us way too far. We are tired of sitting by and listening to our “sins” while the libs fill our jails. God Bless America and our President Trump!

  4. LeeAnna Crookshanks

    August 17, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Presenting only a small DOCTORED version of the “news” is not necessarily the news.If you have to smooth the peices,coax the boundaries etc then you are merely MANIPULATING as YOU or YOUR AGENDA wills.

  5. Melonie

    September 19, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    I comprise read some extremely put together testimonials above this Area ala “inexperienced-washing”…which is much too undesirable simply because a issue which include Vegetables Increase should really be capable towards stand up in direction of far more scrutiny than your common Acme model merchants.

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