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Trump’s message to departing CEOS

Nobody with a normal functioning nerve system thought the demonstrations in Charlottesville were a good thing for our country.

Donald Trump was one of the first to speak about it. Being caught in a hurry, he didn’t have the time to say much.

Although he sounded totally disapproving, some people found him uninterested and turned their backs on him.

Our President returned later with a new, extended statement but it looked like it was too late. He argued against the White Supremacist and other groups that deserved criticism, but some CEOs didn’t like he went against others too. As IJR wrote, they decided they knew better of who was responsible for the attacks.

Merck’s Kenneth Frazier was the first to leave Trump’s bandwagon, as a now-former manufacturing council. Here is what he said in his statement, showing his anti-extremism:

“America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry, and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal.”

He wasn’t the only one. The CEO train kept moving and saw Kevin Plank, Brian Krzanich and Scott Paul leave their roles! Almost all of them made the decision after Donald issued his second statement, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Here is how the President reacted:

That seemed like a totally fair, on point comment. The CEO’s objections were not ones Trump could’ve changed so their anti-Trump groups are now useless. They can pressure him all they want, but he is not one to break.

Also, here is what Larry Elder tweeted on this topic:

CEO’s resign from Trump advisory panel over his “tepid” condemnation of white racism. Optics, folks. They’ll be golfing together next week.

IS it true, was this all fake and a reason more to boost ratings? We don’t know. But, we do know we can back up our leader in good and bed!

Scroll down to the comments and tell us!

Featured Image Source. H/T: IJR.



  1. Billie Patterson

    August 17, 2017 at 4:36 am

    I think the word is bad, not bed!

  2. Barbara Welch

    August 17, 2017 at 4:37 am

    fromm the facts I have found from those who were LEGAL PERMIT to be there there was NO WHITE SUPREMACIST there two of their spokesmen 1 black the other Mexican. Two the three days given the mayor police chief and the gov of this state called and invited them to confront the legal permit holders police had stand down notice from their boss and told to herd the LEGAL PERMIT HOLDER to force them into contact with the blm and antifa both known violent terrorist groups and once out of the park were surround by them in the parkiing lot all this for having the audacity to think they had a right to free speech Sorry this needs to be investigated by the FBI because this is truly scary police mayor gov conspiring to criple maim blind kill people and not only not defend them but encouraging them to kill and maim something needs to be done to stop the media there sick sorry bastar*s

    • Lisa SHOVER

      August 17, 2017 at 6:03 am

      i agree with u
      Just saw one guy on Carlson who said he was at meeting where all the speakers there were black or brown and only on white guy.. were shut down , calling them white supremisist.. This has gotten out of hand.. This is insane…

    • LeeAnna Crookshanks

      August 17, 2017 at 3:45 pm

      Since I can’t further what and how you know these things (and I believe you)would you please take your information to the FBI and similar organizations? I agree,If it can be backed up,this info should be conveyed to others in charge!Thank you,Barbara Welch.

    • Patti Puig

      August 17, 2017 at 7:02 pm

      You are absolutely right Barb, but you will NEVER hear this on the fake news channels sorry to say.It seems to me the fake media is trying to get more out of the Presidents talking points about this tragedy, referring to get him to name more groups than what he has already named so they ( the fake media) can pounce on the President even more…Good God this has gotten out of hand, I know the life of this young girl was unjustly taken away, but to fault, the President for this is so idiotic. It comes down to the stupidity of our media system and the political system and the people who are involved in both. President Bush did not get to New York on 911 the same day as it happened?? and President Obama in his speeches on Fergeson and Dallas stupidly stumbled and studdered over his words when he gave his speech 2 days after these tragedies. I did not hear any criticisms from the media and the political left in these speeches. If you want a little insight, if you go way back into the beginning of this countries history, President Trump is the only President that has ever come out and really denounced, publically, certain hate groups. So let’s get on with our lives and our country’s rebuilding.

  3. SALLY Becker

    August 17, 2017 at 4:43 am

    President Trump said the right thing Saturday night. He didn’t have all the facts then so he used COMMON SENSE and issued a tempered statement. WHEN HE GOT ALL THE FACTS he issued a second statement much more strong worded. WHAT IDIOT WOULD ISSUE A STRONG WORDED STATEMENT BEFORE KNOWING ALL THE FACTS OF AN ISSUE? Those who object to using COMMON SENSE.

  4. DataDon

    August 18, 2017 at 1:35 am

    Barb Welch is correct. The police were forced to help ensure that legal protesters were led into an ambush. I do hope the acid throwers get their hands removed before system catches them.

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