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Watch: Navy SEAL Injured in Car Accident Stands for First Time, Kisses Wife

Love can fight through all obstacles, and our country has a lot of examples for that.

A servant in the Navy had a devastating injury, but latest news will cheer you up.

We hope you find the following story inspiring.

Jonathan Grant is now a former Navy Seal, brave man that served our country. He went on terrain every day, ready to go through any challenge that could face him. It is sad to hear someone like him suffering an injury, but that is exactly what happened to the man.

As Breitbart reports – he got a brain injury, his brain bled and was left in coma for full 17 days. The auto accident also left him other injuries on the inside of his body, and it was hard to see him in that state.

Finally some good news came out this week, as Jonathan’s wife uploaded an Instagram video. Laura Browning Grant is a fitness/pilates instructor and she had been guiding her love to recovery.

The video showcases Laura in sweatpants, a shirt, and a ponytail as she helps Grant to get off his wheelchair. The SEAL unit follows by grabbing on to two metal bars, both on different sides of him and slowly starts getting up. Laura tells him:

“That’s the best you’ve stood up yet.”

Too special not to share… #staystrongjonnygrant

A post shared by Laura Browning Grant (@laurabpilates) on

Jon gets carried away, celebrates the victory and starts kissing her on the neck.

“We hadn’t been able to stand and hold each other since before the accident, but as soon as we got him up, he started kissing my neck. It gave me the chills — him kissing me back. You don’t realize how much that means until it’s almost taken away from you.”

Previously, they had progressed to kissing each other, and had uploaded videos of it, but Jon was in his wheelchair on all of them. This video was much more inspiring, and also cute – showcasing the love he has.

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  1. Ernestine Hronas

    July 22, 2017 at 1:54 am

    That’s the best medicine he could ever get. His will is boosted a mile hi. Love covers all!!!

    • gungadin

      August 12, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      As a AIR FORCE VETERAN myself, this gladdens MY HEART !!

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